Letters of Introduction to Symbiotic Psychology

The neuroplasticity that makes the brain so effective at adapting to the innumerable cultures and societies that have existed on earth, this same neuroplastic adaptation creates a barrier for the comprehension of contrary understandings, archetypes, and paradigms.  See Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Note: Each line is a link to open up the letter in a new tab.

The Question: Does cognition or emotion change the biology that drives behavior? Science vs. Shakespeare

Dear Patient: Be Your Own Superhero

Dear School Board: Empowering ALL Students to Succeed and to Thrive

Dear Student: For Entertainment Purposes Only

Dear Athlete: Unleash Your Evolutionary-Self of Power and Strength

Dear Coach and Coaching Staff: Cognitive-Emotional Theory and The Personal Power of Qi

Dear Golf Enthusiasts and Coaches: The Cognitive-Emotional Wisdom of Golf

Dear Friend: Justice Founded Upon Falsehood is Itself False and Unjust

Dear Prisoner (of War):  Escape from Alcatraz

Dear Reader: Changing cognition changes emotions, but does cognition or emotions drive behavior?

Dear Center for Emotional Intelligence: Emotions Illusion

Dear Dept. of English: Emotions: Science vs. Shakespeare

Dear Department of Psychiatry: Evidence-Based Medicine: Cognitive Regulation vs. Emotional Regulation

Dear Department of Psychology: Moving the emotional/cognitive dynamic regulatory mechanism out of 3000-year-old literary and religious linguistic semantics.

Dear Professor: Emotions as both causal to and the effect of the same biological change is not science

Dear Medicine Communities: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Cognition, Biology, Emotions, and Consciousness

Dear Neuroimaging Researchers: A Neuroimaging Cause/Effect Standard Definition of Emotions?

Dear Human Rights Activists: Linguistics of Emotions Subverting Human Rights

Dear Psychology/Linguistic  Communities: A Standard Cause/Effect Definition of Emotions?

Public Health Awareness Announcement: Psychological and Psychiatric Emotional Theory Can Be Harmful to Your Health, Prosperity, and Well-Being

Dear Researcher: The Linguistics of Science and Shakespeare

Dear Health Care Professional: Redefinining Therapeutic Success