Part 1: Letters of Introduction to Symbiotic Psychology

The Question: Does cognition or emotion change the biology that drives behavior? Science vs. Shakespeare

Dear Reader: Changing cognition changes emotions, but does cognition or emotions drive behavior?

Dear Center for Emotional Intelligence: Emotions Illusion

Dear Dept. of English: Emotions: Science vs. Shakespeare

Dear Department of Psychiatry: Evidence-Based Medicine: Cognitive Regulation vs. Emotional Regulation

Dear Department of Psychology: Moving the emotional/cognitive dynamic regulatory mechanism out of 3000-year-old literary and religious linguistic semantics.

Dear Professor: Emotions as both causal to and the effect of the same biological change is not science

Dear Medicine Communities: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Cognition, Biology, Emotions, and Consciousness

Dear Neuroimaging Researchers: A Neuroimaging Cause/Effect Standard Definition of Emotions?

Dear Human Rights Activists: Linguistics of Emotions Subverting Human Rights

Dear Psychology/Linguistic  Communities: A Standard Cause/Effect Definition of Emotions?

Public Health Awareness Announcement: Psychological and Psychiatric Emotional Theory Can Be Harmful to Your Health, Prosperity, and Well-Being

Dear Researcher: The Linguistics of Science and Shakespeare

Dear Health Care Professional: Redefinining Therapeutic Success

Dear Patient: Be Your Own Superhero

Dear School Board: Empowering ALL Students to Succeed and to Thrive

Dear Student: For Entertainment Purposes Only

Dear Athlete: Unleash Your Evolutionary-Self of Power and Strength

Dear Friend: Justice Founded Upon Falsehood is Itself False and Unjust

Dear Prisoner (of War):  Escape from Alcatraz