Dear Friend: Justice Founded Upon Falsehood Is Itself False and Unjust

Subject: Justice Founded Upon Falsehood Is Itself False and Unjust

Date: rev2019-08-04a

Dear Friend,

Justice within our courts is founded upon a false psychology of emotions.  Punishment for a crime is based upon an erroneous understanding of emotions within human psychology.  The statistics of recidivism that exist are because of this ill-founded knowledge of human behavior.  Punitive action cannot be based upon these statistics because punishment and recidivism based upon a different psychology – that accurately portrays human biology – will create different statistics.  Statistics based within a mistaken psychology cannot reflect behavior grounded within another, more accurate psychology.

Current justice, punishment, and recidivism are based on a psychology of behavior where emotions drive biological change and subsequent behavior.  This is a false premise.  Emotions perceive biological changes precipitated by cognitive activities.  Behavior doesn’t follow emotions, instead, behavior follows cognition.  The power of a consciousness lies within its choice of cognitive activities – thoughts, imaginations, observations, and rationale.  True justice empowers consciousness to wisely choose its cognitive activities – from which outward acts of behavior germinate and sprout.

A justice of punishment for a crime is inhumane because of a lack of intention to change a person’s cognitive behavior.  Or is that not the goal of justice?  Should justice be defined as punishment with an intent to inflect pain, suffering, or hardship upon an individual?  Or, should justice be defined as an intent to impower cognitive behavior for the health and well-being of the individual and society?  Should our criminal justice system be an extension of “an eye for an eye” or is justice served by entrusting individuals with the training, skills, and understandings to make better choices for themselves and others in life.

Current human behavior modification is based within an erroneous psychology of emotions.  Also, punishment as “justice” for a crime denies the science of neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is a concept where the brain rewires itself.  This rewiring results in new interpretations of old awareness.  Thus, a reality that once manifested criminal behavior no longer exists.  What is justice if conditions that once encouraged criminal behavior can no longer exist?  What is justice when circumstances that led to criminal behavior can no longer exist?

Within the text, Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, body, Emotions, and Consciousness, you will find the necessary tools to forge a new identity and to recreate a new life. You can right society’s erroneous behavior for yourself and others who have befallen your fate if you listen carefully to the words within the following pages:

  1. Letters: Letters: Dear Prisoner (of War)
  2. Section: 1.3: “The Five Postulates of Symbiotic Psychology”
  3. Section 7.4: “Criminal Justice Reform”
  4. Section 8.0: “Cognitive Emotional Therapy”
  5. Appendix (B): Criminal Law and Justice Lagging Psychological Advancements

Your scalpel to dissect and to lay aside the flaws within contemporary “justice” lies within the scientific concept of neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is a scientifically proven concept – that can be taken to court – which outlines how the brain can rewire itself and form new realities.  That is, what was real yesterday, may not remain real tomorrow.  A person has the physical attribute to change and to be different than the person which committed a crime.

Our criminal “justice” system not only does not recognize this possibility but creates conditions to inhibit and retard any possibility of individual neuroplastic transformation.  Can that not be defined as “cruel and unusual punishment” from which the Constitution protects us all from?

A law based upon illusionary science is delusionary and denies a person’s Constitutional protection to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

In order to use the concept of neuroplasticity to repeal inhumane “justice”, the illusionary beliefs of emotions driving behavior must be dispelled.  Emotions are an evolved sensory system designed to be used by consciousness to guide internal cognitive behavior and external physical action.  This new paradigm – where emotions are an evolved biological sensory system that perceives biological changes precipitated by cognitive activities- is developed in Part 1: “The Theory of Symbiotic Psychology” of the text Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, body, Emotions, and Consciousness.

I am thankful that your hardships have forged an intentional life towards yours and society’s health and well-being.  Criminal justice should reinforce the conditions that reinforce this outcome.  A criminal justice based upon punishment and hardship is unjust.  Someday, maybe the society and the courts will understand this.

This letter is to help you on your journey.  I can only provide a vague outline of your path to justice.  It is up to you to embody the ideals necessary for change and for you to gather the resources you need, and if you so wish, to bring your appeal to trail.

I am available to help out where I can.  A complete text for anyone to download and use can be found at: or


Andrew Jackson