Re-Processed and Reflexive Physical Behavior

Emotional awareness is like a diacritic mark adding emphasis, meaning, and understanding to one’s cognitive activities and should (in general terms) accentuate physical behavior only after cognitive reprocessing results with a better feeling (and healthy) thought.

Cognitive-emotional development within an individual is a process of learning, practicing, and utilizing a variety of cognitive-emotional re-processing techniques to where positive feeling emotions, moods, and feelings accentuate physical behavior (Jackson, 2021b). Lack of cognitive-emotional development is where emotions, moods, and feelings (and behavior) are a result of a circular, self-indulgent cognitive-emotional process lacking any (or very little) conscious reprocessing capabilities.

Although in sports, dance, music and other highly trained physical behaviors (including military combat) where a feeling good, highly nurtured, developed, and trained cognitive-emotional reflexive behavior is essential, reprocessing skills are still desirable for compassionate and healthy (feeling good) behavior. (Note: Upon military personnel decommissioning, redevelopment of an individual’s evolved and natural re-processing and reflexive capacities for civilian life is essential.)

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