10.0 Conclusion

The human spirit is intertwined within a massive collection of neural networks and circuits. Evolution has guided all of these interconnecting relationships into a highly functioning being who learns and grows and strives for a joyous collaboration with his or her internal and external environment.  The nature of being is to be healthy and to live a joyous life.  Those who haven’t naturally grown into this wonderful connection may need help and guidance in utilizing an emotional system that has evolved to guide their cognitive universe.

Well-being begins with an appreciation and understanding of the remarkable emotional guidance circuitry found within each and every person. Those striving to become well may need the help of a psychology and psychiatry discipline that honors and promotes the emotional system as an evolved biological sensory system of the human spirit.   Some people may need the help of pharmaceuticals specifically designed to help them manage their cognitive behaviors with the guidance of their emotional system.  And with successful psychological rehabilitation, there is a need for a progression of less invasive medications that allow – and demand that – individuals be more responsive to their own emotional guidance.

Psychology and psychiatry can heal.  They can free the mind from its bondage of past injuries and reestablish the power of consciousness to respond to its own emotional guidance in ever new, healthful and creative ways. Despair, frustration, anger, hate and depression should not serve as fuel for acts of violence, war and suicide.  Instead, they should serve as a springboard of awareness for the need and priority to…. STOP …to stop the downward spiral into hell.

There is an array of neural networks associated with positive emotions, physiology and actions, a second associated with negative emotions, physiology and actions, and a third that inhibits and freezes action. The inhibitory neural network provides the circuitry to stop and to not act.  Activation of this neural network is the backbone of humanity’s genius and ability to stop and take a moment to reflect, reevaluate, and alter their destiny.  From a mental locus of great pain and anguish there exist steps to lesser pain, from which exist steps to no pain. Eventually these clear and iterative improvement steps will lead to new places and acts of appreciation, joy, and passion. The value of therapy, psychology, and psychiatry to help a person retrain his or her mind cannot be underestimated.  A new life can be reborn and that is a very wonderful event.


download the book: Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions, and Consciousness.PDF