Emotions/Feelings: Nature’s Biofeedback Mechanism

Emotions/ feelings are felt. Emotions/feelings are the perception, by consciousness, of a biochemical physiology actuated by an evolved and nurtured cognitive neural circuitry.  Because emotions/feelings are perceptions of an internal state of biology precipitated by cognition, emotions/feelings are a reflection of, and give insights into, the nature of said cognitive behavior. Because emotions/feelings are not causal, emotions/feelings are neither destructive nor constructive but rather they are indicators towards the presence of very real destructive and constructive – and causal – cognitive behaviors.  Correlations between cognition, healthy biochemical physiology, and good feeling emotion/feelings are a result of millions of years of evolutionary survival for the health and well-being of the individual – as are the correlations between bad feeling emotions/feelings and an unhealthy biology.  Now the question is, how are these correlations between cognition, biology, emotions/feelings, and consciousness understood, nurtured, and developed within a society for an individual’s health, wealth, and general well-being through his/her own successful decision-making and creativity?