Forget Hollywood, Become Your Own Super Hero


We have evolved to be joyous beings, to enjoy life and to enjoy work.  Some people have figured this out.  This can be readily observed in many of our postings on Face Book.   Most excellent! I really appreciate hearing about others’ successes and good times.  I say “congratulations and good on you for showing all of us what life is meant to be.”  Thank you.

Success comes from bringing a “healthy attitude” to life and to the daily, moment to moment decisions, especially to the choices that are made on what to think and dwell upon.  “Healthy attitude” means having the desire and intention to choose cognitive activities (ideas, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, awareness’s, deductions, reasons, dreams, and imaginations) that feel good.  People who are successful enjoy life because they have made a decision to focus on what feels good.  Health and well-being are dependent upon focusing upon what feels good. Mental health absolutely depends upon the ability to focus upon what feels good.  The only problems occur when ‘what feels good is good’ attitude does not get out of the lower, reptilian brain.  This is the part of us that evolved first, a kind of “if it moves, eat it” mentality.

The success of our teachers in life, whether they are our parents, teachers and other students in school, religious leaders, or bosses at work, or the powerful academia, political, and business leaders who set the stage for our lives, their success is in their ability to empower others with the skills and abilities to think and to feel good, and, to move thought and debate up into the mammalian brain.  Here, ‘what feels good, is good’ mentality can evolve into broader and greater awareness of both short and long-term consequences, and, decision making and action can mature into greater complexity and imagination. And, ‘what feels good, is good’ can have a compassionate foundation for existence.

For those who have are not enjoying their ride in life and for those who can’t comprehend how anybody can say “it’s all good”, may I recommend that you start using your emotional system as it has evolved to be used. You will get to a place where, “Yea, I can understand how that makes sense, ‘it is all good’”.  It is very unfortunate that the most influential people in a person’s life may have imparted a ‘impoverished’ attitude of life. But attitudes can change.  The brain can grow new circuits of understanding and awareness, and, provide you with new abilities to meet the challenges of life, if you put in the effort. (This is called neuroplasticity). When I came to the point in my life when I understood that ‘where I am, is not my fault, but it is now my responsibility’ that is when life started getting better for me.  It takes effort. But if you have the desire to improve and empower your own life, start using your emotions and understand that if a thought doesn’t feel good, it’s not.  If what you are doing in life doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good, for you or anybody around you. You have to become your own ‘super hero’.

Life can become good!  I have written a whole psychology and therapy for anyone to use. If you know someone whose life hasn’t been improving with the ‘help’ they are getting…it is all there.  Become your own super hero:   The website is a paper I wrote, nothing very fancy and something you have to read to use.  The beginning is more about the theory of why and how it all works.  And, because every super hero needs their own super hero tool kit, there is;   This latter section deals with the nuts and bolts that you can use to rebuild your own life into something wonderful, a life that you can enjoy and where you can actually feel good most of the time.  The whole paper can also be downloaded for you to dwell upon at your own pace and convenience (check the menu bar).  Good luck!  “Life is a state of mind”, from the movie ‘Being There’.


Andrew Jackson