Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions and Consciousness

Not until the illusion of emotions is understood, will the power of emotions be revealed.

Emotions are the perception, by consciousness, of a physiological biochemistry actuated by cognitive activities of our evolved and nurtured neurocircuitry.  Since emotions are a perception of a state of physical being precipitated by cognition, then emotions are a reflection of, and give insights to, the nature of cognitive behavior.  Emotions can not be destructive nor constructive but they are signaling the presence of very real destructive and constructive cognitive behavior.  These correlations between cognition, physiological biochemistry, and good and bad feeling emotions are a result of millions of years of evolutionary survival for the health and well-being of the individual.  It is how these correlations between cognition and emotions is nurtured by consciousness for decision making within our reptilian (reflexive) and mammalian (cerebral) modes of flight, fright or freeze that must be understood and developed within our society.      

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Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions and Consciousness rev2018-11-06b.PDF


  1. Abstract
    1. Introduction to Symbiotic Psychology
    2. Cognition, Emotions, Physiology and Neurology
    3. The Four Postulates of Symbiotic Psychology
      1. Emotions are a Consequence of Cognition
      2. Evolved Correlations
      3. “Feels Good is Good”
      4. Capacity to Change and Adapt
    4. Author’s Note
  2. Emotions as an Evolved Biological System
    1. The Mind/Body/Emotion Correlation: Evolution’s Impact
    2. Cognitive Imagination and Evolution
    3. Conclusions
  3. Depression: Mental “Illness” or Mental “Injury”
    1. Cure an Illness; Rehabilitate and Injury
    2. Responding to a Neurological Emotional Guidance Network
    3. Conclusions
  4. Cognitive/Emotional Rehabilitation
    1. Emotional Guidance
    2. Defining Mental Health and Well-Being
  5. Psychological Therapy
  6. Pharmaceutical Therapy
    1. Psychiatric Medications Designed for Healing?
    2. Masking Neurological Processes
    3. New Opportunities in Medicine
  7. Cognitive-Emotional Wisdom
    1. Development of Cognitive-Emotional Wisdom
    2. Cognitive-Emotional Wisdom in Education
    3. Criminal Justice Reform: The Unalienable Rights
    4. Reframing Antisocial Personality Disorder
    5. Military Personnel Decommissioning
    6. The Wisdom of a Champion: Let Joy Reign
    7. Emotions in the 21st Century
  8. Cognitive-Emotional Therapy
    1. Motivation to Feel Better
    2. Exercises in Cognitive-Emotional Rehabilitation
      1. Focusing on That Which Is Wanted
      2. Reframing and Appreciating
      3. Touchstones
      4. Acts of Kindness
      5. Distractions
      6. Meditation
      7. Sports
      8. Music and the Arts
      9. Stop Going ‘There’
      10. Having Compassion for Self
      11. Using Religious Ideals
    3. Stopping the Runaway Train
    4. Cognitive-Emotional Wisdom in Therapy
  9. Conclusions

download PDF: Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions and Consciousness rev2018-11-06b.pdf